Maned Foxes

  Another in the polycephaly group, this time maned foxes. Elegant and regal, they represent vanity and cunning. Oil on canvas, 20 x 34 for sale $90

Norse Mythology

I find mythology fascinating. The Norse god Odin had two ravens and two wolves at his side to do his bidding. I depicted my version as Freya with her ravens and wolves at her throne. Oil on canvas, 11 x 14, for sale $70

March 24 2017

Art show at Paper Crown Gallery, Arlington Heights IL! I showed three pieces in my polycephaly collection: a chick, a rhino, and a flamingo, showing a spectrum that ranged from vulnerable, to fearless, and finally to vain and proud. They also had free beer.


Not sure if any place in the world ever looks like this but I’d like to go there. 11 x 14 oil on canvas. For sale, $80 Replication of a picture I took at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, a magical place where the land speed record has repeatedly been set and broken again.…

Pure Abstraction

Pareidolia: humankind’s tendency to see faces where there are none. 16 x 20 acrylic piece rendered with bright, springlike colors. What do you see? For sale, $60

Geometric Abstraction

Fine golden lines create optical illusions in front of a vivid, almost cosmic background. This piece plays with depth and shadow, diffusion and refraction. 11 x 14, acrylic on canvas, for sale $60